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Why Become a 360Man?


We believe America’s greatest spiritual resource with the most untapped potential are MEN!

Every man is created and designed by God to impact his world by demonstrating courage, strength, endurance, purpose, vision, honor and godliness. We created the 360Man network as a means for Christian men to connect with each other, grow in the Lord, minister to each other, and help reach the world for Jesus. 

Christian men in America are searching for connection. They are eager to get into the spiritual battle for America, but they’re being greatly underserved.

Churches almost always have ministries for women, kids, and youth; but it’s estimated that only 10% of evangelical churches have a men’s ministry. That’s not enough. Not even close!

Research and experience show us that when the husband or father in a family gets involved in church, the rest of the family follows suite a greater percentage of the time (as opposed to when the wife, mother or children initiate church involvement).

There’s NO denying it. Men are absolutely critical to spiritual development in the family! But sadly, too many men are sitting on the sidelines. They feel like they don’t matter. They’re told they can’t help. They aren’t being valued!

Popular culture portrays men as selfish, predatorial, detached, weak-willed, abusive, and much more. That’s not what God thinks about men! That’s not what God thinks about YOU!

The 360Man network helps men learn about God, the Bible, grow in their faith, and provides opportunities to use those unique giftings and talents God has given them.

Sir, your family, your church, and your community need you!

Are you willing to get in the game and help reshape the state of manhood in America? Are you prepared to join other Christ-following men as we grow in our faith, get closer to God, support each other, and do great things for God?

If the answer to any of these is YES, then please sign up to be a 360Man and join the movement!