ABOUT 360Man

What is a 360Man?

A 360Man is committed to living the principles, behaviors, and plans that God has given to each man regardless of his background, vocation, life story, or calling. He is consciously following the teachings described in Acts 2:42-47. This gives each man a guide to follow in his daily life.

  • WORSHIP - A 360Man worships Jesus Christ from his inward focus of prayer and intercession to his outward praise with all that is within him. 
  • DISCIPLESHIP - A 360Man reads, reflects and studies the Scriptures. His faith will increase when he takes the courageous step to learn.
  • FELLOWSHIP - A 360Man recognizes the importance of relationships and values the daily fellowship he has with Christ, enjoys connecting with people of faith, and seeks God for wisdom in his relationships.
  • SERVICE - A 360Man embodies the servant mentality as he is used by God. Every simple act of kindness is an intentional act of ministry. 
  • SHARE: A 360Man knows that sharing his personal story to a lost and hopeless world is paramount and believes that God's hope is for all people.

Why is becoming a 360Man important?

Every man wants to make a difference! The problem is difference makers are not born, they are made. Every 360Man understands the importance of becoming a brotherhood of faith, a band of brothers, and an army which fights the good fight of faith. A 360Man stands with those who are tired, those who believe all is lost, and have nothing to gain in life. Being a 360Man ensures that no one battles alone. We stand together in Christ and are led by the Holy Spirit to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

How do I become a 360Man?

A 360Man accepts the responsibility of investing $30.00 per month to be distributed to the following ministries:

  1. FireBible - one-third of your monthly gift will go towards making a significant investment to the FireBible in critical areas around the world. The FireBible is the number one Study Bible in the world and is the official Bible of Men’s Ministries. Your gift will assist us in launching new FireBible editions, reprinting existing FireBible editions, or aiding in the development of the next FireBible language translation project.
  2. District/Network Men's Ministries - another third of your investment will support the district/network leadership teams with ministry opportunities for men to gather for fellowship, discipleship, missions, service, and worship. This investment will assist in presenting the Men’s Ministries discipleship resources to churches, small groups, and affinity groups in your area. This will also help provide partnership opportunities for the equipping of leaders in your region.
  3. National Men's Ministries Team - the last third of your gift will assist the national team as they continue create discipleship resources and support that will bring a greater dimension of focus, clarity, purpose, identity, relationship, and vision. The national team will supply opportunities for men to travel for international missions trips, Holy Land trips, and regional trips and/or retreats that will encourage men and bring added value to each man’s life.

What resources are available to a 360Man?

  1. Each month, every 360Man will receive a digital or mailed update. Starting in the summer/fall of 2018, we will launch the revised SPOTLIGHT. The SPOTLIGHT is a resource for connecting men to the discipleship and missional frontlines in the areas of interest for his personal, spiritual, and vocational life. This publication will focus on men’s topics, missions projects, missionary stories, FireBible updates, and discipleship updates throughout the year for men in the local church.
  2. The 360Man will have access to various resources and updates via the 360Man, National Men’s Ministries, and their district/network websites.
  3. The 360Man knows that he is involved in a network bigger than himself. This network gives him the tools to fulfill the Great Commission by living out the Great Commandment.
  4. Becoming a 360Man creates a safeguard for every man to realize that he is not alone in this journey of manhood. He may be timid at first and quietly study, but the Holy Spirit will give him the opportunity to be courageous to step up and lead. Every 360Man will have the resources and network to pray, lead, serve, grow, connect, worship, and go in every aspect manhood.

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