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Why is becoming a 360Man important?

“Your family, church, and your community NEEDS YOU to be a 360Man!”

Every man is created and designed by God to impact the world in unique and specific ways by demonstrating courage, strength, endurance, purpose, vision, honor and godliness. We’re creating a 360Man network as a means for Christian men to connect with each other, grow in the Lord, minister to each other, and help reach the world for Jesus.

What is a 360Man?

A 360Man embodies the teachings and conduct described in Acts 2:42-47 by

  • living for Jesus
  • studying the Bible
  • serving his church and community
  • discipling other men
  • sharing his faith boldly
  • participating in world evangelism

Importance of 360Man
Rick Allen, National Director

How do I become a 360Man?

Simple. Sign up and commit. By doing so you will be supporting Men’s Ministries across the United States, and also taking the gospel into all the world. We ask every 360Man to have “skin in the game” and commit to giving $30 each month.

Your monthly commitment ensures that we are able to do three important things.

  1. Provide FireBibles for people worldwide who need one in their heart language.

    Why FireBibles? The FireBible is the #1 Study Bible in the world, it’s the official Bible of Men’s Ministries, and it’s a great tool for spreading the gospel literally everywhere!

  2. Support the Men’s Ministries activities and outreaches near you.

    Through your support, other men in your district/network will benefit spiritually; and when they join your 360Man network they will, in turn, help bless others.

  3. Coordinate, expand, and improve the Men’s Ministries capabilities of our national office.

We work round the clock to provide men like you with discipleship resources and opportunities for spiritual growth that include retreats, conferences, missions trips, Holy Land trips, and special evangelism missions projects in the U.S. and worldwide.

What resources are available to me as a 360Man?

First of all, your greatest resource as a 360Man is the network of thousands of men who also want to become more like Jesus, be leaders in their church/community, and see people come to know Christ as Savior. We’re going to make sure you have opportunity to engage in this active network of men!

Second, we send every 360Man a print or email copy of 360 SPOTLIGHT, a newsletter packed with updates on what is happening through Men’s Ministries and Light for the Lost overseas and in the U.S. This publication focuses on MM topics, missions projects, missionary stories, FireBible updates and discipleship resource updates that affect men like you.

Click here to see recent and past issues.

You will have FREE download access to numerous discipleship, devotional, and church ministry resources on the 360Man.ag.org, men.ag.org, and lftl.ag.org websites.

Click here to go ahead and access these resources.

Ready to become a 360Man?

Call us at: 417.370.6280

Email: men@ag.org

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